Now let’s get to planning: Tips for success!

  • Visit to familiarize yourself with the online giving platform.
  • Set a company goal! Examples: 100% employee participation, X total amount raised; engaging X employees to give, or being top of the leaderboard.
  • Email your employees to “save the date” on April 30 - May 1st with Give Big Gallatin Valley details.
  • Learn about who is participating. See if your company’s favorite nonprofits are "in" at
  • Decide if you plan on matching donations or remember to share information about your existing matching gift program.
  • Integrate Give Big Gallatin Valley promotion into other giving activities you’re already planning.
  • Get your employees excited by announcing your participation through social media, special email and/or your newsletter. (Timing of communications and sample posts and emails to follow in this toolkit.)
  • Remind participants about prizes, the giving day leaderboard and matching opportunities. If you are a Give Big Gallatin Valley sponsor, be sure to highlight your involvement with your employees.
  • After Give Big Gallatin Valley, pat your team on the back and say ‘congratulations’ for their participation and the positive change they’ve made in the community. (We will give you instructions on how to pull a giving report closer to the day.)

Besides a few communications and blasting social media…what else?

  • Host a Give Big Gallatin Valley donation station on site in your building.
  • Set up a Give Big Gallatin Valley watch party where employees can stop by and watch the leaderboard, give and socialize.
  • Encourage some friendly competition by coordinating with other business fundraisers. Or keep it internal by dividing employees by department or office area. Track competition results at and share team successes across the organization.
  • Involve senior leadership or executives. Can they provide a challenge, match or do something embarrassing (wear a chicken suit to work, shave their head, etc.) if you hit your goal? The more fun and engaging you make it, the more likely your employees will get involved.
  • Share the giving stories of a few employees to encourage participation.