COVID-19 Response Resources for Give Big Gallatin Valley

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful during Give Big Gallatin Valley. These resources are meant to assist you in continuing your outreach to your supporters and potential donors and provide additional ideas as to how you can make the most of your Give Big efforts and continue to make an impact on your community.

We know there is a LOT to work through right now. We hope these resources can be helpful for you as we lead up to the initiative. Above all else, be kind and patient with yourself through this time. Like most other aspects of our lives in our current environment, Give Big is going to feel different this year. And that’s okay. We believe that Give Big is more important than ever and we are here to support you.

Ideas for Give Big Gallatin Valley 2020

  • Host a “donor lounge” via Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or Zoom 
  • Ramp up your Peer to Peer fundraisers! Have them reach their networks & tell your story. 
  • Highlight volunteer opportunities through your Give Big profile.
  • Collaborate with and highlight other nonprofit organizations you partner with
  • Focus on growing social media following or subscribers.
  • Highlight the local businesses you may have had Donor Lounges planned with. Are they providing take-out still or delivery? Make sure to let your donors know about their generosity in supporting your organization and return the favor by sending your donors their way! 

Sample Communication

On April 30th and May 1st, we will be participating in Give Big Gallatin Valley. Now, more than ever, the Gallatin County nonprofit community needs your support.

Give Big Gallatin Valley is a county-wide effort to raise awareness and important unrestricted funds for local nonprofits and to celebrate the generosity and vibrancy of our community. Our organization will be raising $____ for _____ in this time of increased need and uncertainty. (Share your story, your goal, why you need their help)

Here are some examples - customize with what fits for your organization:

  • Because of the current crisis, our organization has cancelled fundraising events and programs that generate revenue.
  • Classrooms and theaters are dark, and programs are cancelled in adherence of social distancing guidelines.
  • Our nonprofit is depleting our reserves to purchase emergency food and supplies for our constituents.

Here’s how you can help us (while social distancing):

  • Donate [link to your Give BigGV page] on April 30th & May 1st. Please know a donation of any size will make a big difference! (you can use this line as an opportunity to highlight any matching gifts you may have lined up and prizes you are strategizing towards)
  • Spread the word by texting a friend, forwarding this email, and posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #GiveBigGV.
  • (Any other ways you may be celebrating the day) 

Thank you for all you do to give back to the community we love.

Sample Posts

Join your neighbors in giving back to the community we love. April 30th & May 1st is Give Big Gallatin Valley. With a single donation, you have the chance to make a big difference in our community. [Link to your profile page]


During the coronavirus response, local nonprofits need your help more than ever. Donate today to support our organization so we can help keep the community safe and healthy. [Link to your profile page]


Join us in celebrating Give Big Gallatin Valley on April 30th & May 1st. We may be social distancing, but we can still come together as a community to support Gallatin County. Help us continue to serve the community we love by donating to our campaign at [link to your profile page].

All hands on deck! Join our generous donors during Give Big Gallatin Valley to help our community through this crisis. [Link to your profile page]


In these uncertain times, community is more important than ever before. Give back on April 30th & May 1st to help us and other organizations working to ensure the safety and well-being of Gallatin Valley residents. [Link to your profile page]

Keep the Momentum Going Online

  • Here are some ways you can keep the FUNdraising going while remote:
  • Engage with your supporters via a Facebook Poll or Instagram Poll
  • Print out your own "I Give Big..." sign and encourage your supporters to take selfies, share on social media, and tag your nonprofit
  • Encourage your supporters to take part in the Newsworthy & Star Donor social media challenge prizes!
  • Have staff or volunteers do a social media takeover to share a day in the life of your nonprofit
  • Consider a safe dare or challenge to engage your followers. For example, if you reach 50 donors, your ED will get a pie in the face or dye their hair a fun color!
  • Go Live on Facebook or Instagram to engage with supporters in lieu of an in-person event
  • Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Facebook Live or Instagram Live to engage with supporters
  • Make sure to let your supporters know in advance when you're going live so they know when to tune in!

Social Media Tips

While being sensitive to our current environment, do not shy away from posting photos showing members of your community, even if the photos are from before social distancing practices were adopted.

If you’re concerned about using group photos during the coronavirus response, add language such as “photo from a January event” or “throwback” to signal that the photos are not current.

Not all posts this April need to mention the coronavirus crisis. Intersperse messages acknowledging the crisis with more typical messages to maintain a well-rounded social media presence.

Post content that is fun and demonstrates your organization’s personality. Many things we are exposed to now are more somber and apprehensive in nature than we are used to. By showcasing your organization’s personality or ways you are coming together to solve community issues in this time, you can provide hope and show the good in our community.

Social media engagement is now more important than ever. Connect with your followers and other organizations in Gallatin County by liking and commenting on posts, interacting with story posts, and sharing posts from people who are talking about your organization and promoting your mission.

With many people at home and spending more time online, there is a great opportunity to reach people through social media. Post relevant and creative content on a regular basis to keep your followers up to date on your organization’s response to the crisis.

Strategies for an Impactful Giving Day during COVID-19 Webinar

In light of event cancellations and increasing mandates to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19, we understand the new challenges and possible implications that Giving Day participants are experiencing. Now more than ever, it's vital to be able to connect with your supporters amidst these rapid changes and continue providing necessary services to your community. Topics in this webinar include how you can leverage social media, utilize fundraising tools, and continue to engage your community at this crucial time. Watch the recording below!

Watch Recording | View Slides